A Survival Guide

One ~ A Survival Guide for the Future…

We are on the verge of an evolution, a new civilisation and economy. Our current economic, social and environmental     rationale is unsustainable. We are in the midst of a great transition, a change that will determine humanity’s future.

One ~ explores how we have reached this point of convergence. Modern economic philosophy has hijacked our consciousness and brought us to a state of separateness. This separation has influenced and controlled our lives, the way we treat others and our environment. It has led us down the road to self denial and self destruction.

One ~ distils the wisdom of great masters and brings humanity to a new level of awareness.This survival guide provides practical insights into the necessary shifts needed to move forward; awakened and united, to a new world. The insights and solutions One offers make it the ultimate reference guide for those seeking to live richer, more meaningful lives and to thrive in the world.

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT  ‘One ~ A Survival Guide for the Future…’

“Expect the unexpected with this fine illustration of human psychology interwoven with the state of the economy and where we are headed.”

C. Morris (British Columbia –  Canada)

“As the title suggests, this is a handbook to help 21st century residents of the industrialized world to cope with an extremely uncertain future.”

Dr Stuart Bramhall (New Zealand)

“The author has produced a book that is an amazing survival guide to living a better life in a future that we have no choice but to except and adapt to. Avoid this book at your own peril!”

L. MacPherson (Brisbane- Australia)

“I love One~ A Survival Guide… I have it sitting next to my bed at all times”

B. Thomas (New Zealand)


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