Rethink…Your World, Your Future…

rethinkcoverwebWhat if our assumptions about the future are wrong? Why are we so happy to ignore the facts and the evidence all around us and bury our heads in the sand?   As we move past overshoot in the use of natural resources, humanity is faced with two questions? The first being, do we continue down the ‘business as usual’ road, or do we rethink our current paradigm and change our trajectory? One way will lead to certain collapse. The other will give us a better chance of mitigating catastrophic disruptions, lead us to greater connection and the ability to rebuild communities and ecosystems, and deliver real prosperity to all.

Rethink…Your world, Your future, explains:

  • How our biases and cognitive thinking have been limiting humanity from true progress.
  • How modern society has been manipulated into compliance and participating in an unsustainable system of consumption and production.
  • How our modern industrialised society is responsible for our ecological and social disconnect.
  • How government, economic and corporate propaganda is hiding the truth and setting us up for major crisis.
  • How cheap energy has shaped modern civilisation and how the end of cheap energy is (and will continue to have) profound implications for modern society.
  • Why food production and consumption is key to helping solve many of the world’s problems.
  • Why new models of food production and distribution that help provide diversity, abundance and health benefits are needed.
  • What we must do to transition to a new prosperous more resilient world.
  • The big picture trends and shifts that will shape modern industrialised economies over the coming decades.
  • The three revolutions that will change how we live, enabling us to live richer more meaningful lives.
  • Offers people and communities hope and practical strategies and solutions which can help facilitate change and build a more abundant and resilient future…

rethinkamazonimageRethink…Your World, Your Future” by Andrew Martin is an amazing work that is profound and provocative. This book distills the human race in our destructive glory of over-hyped, over-marketed, over-consumption and industrialized plunder of our beautiful planet we call home in search of trying to fulfill crazed desires of the ethereal esoteric “self”. What I love about reading this masterpiece is the amazing research that Andrew Martin has dug deep into the bowels of the social-geo-political-constraints of propaganda and manipulation from the second we are conceived in our mother’s womb to the well thought out plan of being enslaved. I consider this a brilliant work of art, weaving for the reader the impact of our unsustainable energy choices to our unsustainable way of our day to day living, yet gives us trends, opportunities and solutions to make a correction on this track to self destruction and extinction.

Judy Wong Dobberpuhl  – Author Save Yourself & Save The Planet 1001 Green & Fun Life Hack Tips